wiring diagram for pressure switch on air compressor

With the aid of a pressure switch, your air compressor is guaranteed its own safe refuge. This device will continually monitor the internal pressure before deciding to selectively “open” and “close”. When the pressure rises to unhealthily high levels, the switch will open itself to spare your compressor from overloading. Conversely, if the pressure dips down too low, the switch will close to allow your air compressor the opportunity to restore its levels.

Whenever your air compressor is at risk of overtaxing itself, the pressure switch is the protective component which steps in to intervene. Should you ever come across troubles with your air compressor, the issue may likely be rooted in the strain detector.

Pressure switches come in two varieties: singular-stage and dual-stage. The most popular choice of them all is the former type, which only features a single pressure setting, activating and deactivating respectively. Conversely, a two-stage pressure switch offers two pressure settings, the first one powering up the air compressor, whilst the second turns it off once again.

Most air compressors contain a pressure switch which is liberated from simply being on or off; it is adjustable. To adjust it, journey to the side of the compressor casing and locate the knobbed black box. This switch is amendable – after setting your desired pressure, it will activate groggily when needed and rest when appropriate.

To adjust the pressure settings on your switch, you will need a screwdriver. As you rotate the knob, if you want the pressure to go down, turn it toward the left side, and if you want the pressure to increase, rotate it to the right.

To get your air compressor up and running, you’ll need to make sure that the pressure switch is set to the same pressure as the machine. If the pressure switch is set too low, you may find yourself frustrated trying in vain to get the compressor to come alive. However, if it’s set too high, the compressor will swiftly shut down as soon as it gets going.

When you flick the switch of the air compressor, you can ascertain its pressure switch is functioning correctly when the compressing apparatus stops when the air inside has attained the pressure setting of the switch.

To get your pressure switch functioning properly once more, you will need to acquire a new one. Most hardware stores carry them, making it easy for you to get the replacement you need.

To undertake a pressure switch replacement, be sure to shut down and unplug your air compressor. Detach the current pressure switch, located on the side of the device, and replace it with the upgraded version. Finally, before flipping the power back on, take time to check the newly-set pressure level.

Post time: 2023-06-21