HG series diesel portable screw air compressor HG series diesel portable screw air compressor

HG Series Diesel Portable Screw Air Compressor


High Reliability The main parts adopt domestic well-known enterprises Industry products with reliable quality. Constant pressure, stable flow: realize continuous automatic adjustment of displacement……

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High Reliability

The main parts adopt domestic well-known enterprises

Industry products with reliable quality. Constant pressure, stable flow: realize continuous automatic adjustment of displacement from 0-100%, high efficiency, energy saving, stable and reliable; economical, pollution-free, and low noise.


Small size, light weight, low noise; light and handy, easy to transport, small actual floor space, free in and out under narrow working conditions, reducing transportation costs. The fully open door design ensures a large operating space and is convenient for maintenance and repair. Save time and improve efficiency. No longer worry about unstable flow and insufficient pressure in the process.

Comprehensive Monitoring

The equipment operating status can be fully monitored; the control panel, the equipment operating status is clear at a glance, ensuring the safety of humans and machines.

Adapt to Harsh Environments

This air compressor ensures that it can start perfectly under cold temperature and hypoxia, and meets the load and various harsh working conditions. Solved all the troubles for customers and greatly improved work efficiency

diesel portable screw air compressor

Technical parameters:

Model Capacity (m3/min) Air Pressure (bar) Engine (kw) Weight (kg) Model
HG330-8 8 8 84 1950 HG330-8
HG300-10 7 10 58 1950 HG300-10
HG400-13 10 13 110 2450 HG400-13
HG500-13C 13 13 176 3200 HG500-13C
HG700-18C 18 18 194 3280 HG700-18C
HG800-20 22 20 194 4200 HG800-20



It is with great pleasure that we unveil our latest product – an exceptional marriage between superior grade industrial materials and cutting edge technology. We take pride in offering a high performing product crafted to offer seamless performance while being reliable.

Our expertly engineered solution comprises primary parts sourced from dependable domestic vendors – assuring unrivaled quality control. The standout feature of this remarkable innovation is its capability to maintain steady flow rates alongside consistent pressure by automatically adjusting displacement from 0 100%. This functionality guarantees peak efficiency translating into significant energy savings resulting in cost effectiveness – all with minimal effort on your part!

We further include convenient user friendly features such as easy mobility due to its lightness while producing low noises during operation – perfect for noise sensitive environments.

Furthermore the devices small real estate footprint means you can still enjoy optimal performance even within tight spaces or narrow working conditions across diverse industries. We are confident of the sterling performance of our latest device and we assure you of reliable quality – all in one neat package. Our latest offering is tailored toward customers looking for top-notch efficiency in modern settings without compromising on environmental responsibility or affordability! Our cutting-edge technology provides soundless operations while emitting noxious fumes due to eco-friendliness considerations – thus reducing costs even more for you! Furthermore, we prioritized convenience when designing this machine: simple operation facilitated by its lightweight nature makes usability effortless! For easier maintenance costs have been minimized by ensuring full accessibility via an open-design approach- no hassle involved at all when the time comes for upkeep of your equipment!.

Our new invention goes above and beyond conventional machinery- more like an innovative solution that guarantees satisfactory completion of tasks thanks to unparalleled energy-saving capabilities as well as additional advantageous features- what are you waiting for? Opt for our product now and experience the best in quality, efficiency, and convenience on the market. We guarantee our product will exceed your expectations!



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