Deep well screw air compressor Deep well screw air compressor

Mobile Diesel Screw Air Compressor HGT Series


Product Introduction: More powerful and more energy-saving new air compressor host Two-stage compression, the latest patented screw rotor, higher efficiency; Energy efficiency level is 10% higher t……

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Product Introduction:

More powerful and more energy-saving new air compressor host
Two-stage compression, the latest patented screw rotor, higher efficiency;
Energy efficiency level is 10% higher than similar products, more energy-saving; heavy-duty high-strength design, high-quality SKF bearings, direct drive, quality assurance, stable and reliable; designed according to the maximum design pressure of 40bar, the best air compressor structure and reliability.

High-quality heavy-duty diesel engine
High-efficiency electronic injection high-pressure common rail fuel system;
It is equipped with heavy-duty diesel engines such as Cummins and Weichai; the intelligent control system accurately controls the fuel injection volume,
Achieve the best power output in the full operating range; stronger power, higher reliability, and better fuel economy;
Meet the national three emission requirements.

Intelligent control system
Intuitive display interface, multi-language intelligent controller,  easy to use;
Real-time online display of operating parameters such as speed, air supply pressure, oil pressure and exhaust temperature, coolant temperature, fuel level, etc.;
With self-diagnostic failure, alarm and shutdown protection functions, to ensure safe operation when unattended;
Optional remote monitoring system and mobile phone APP function.
Efficient cooling system.
Deep well screw air compressor
Efficient and reliable system configuration to ensure that the whole machine is in the best operating state
Independent oil, gas, and liquid coolers, large-diameter high-efficiency fans, and smooth airflow channels;
Adapt to the extreme cold, hot and plateau climate.

Large-capacity heavy-duty air filtration system and oil-gas separation system
Cyclone type high-quality heavy-duty main air filter, double filter, filter out dust and other debris particles in the air, to ensure that the diesel engine and the air compressor host loses the least under harsh working conditions and extend the life of the machine;

The special high-efficiency oil and gas separation system adapted to the changing working conditions of drilling rigs, water well drilling, etc., to ensure that the air quality after oil and gas separation under various working conditions meets the requirements of 3PPM and prolong the life of the oil separation core.

High-quality and reliable air compressor coolant and lubrication system
The chemical composition and physical properties of the coolant are stable in low and high temperature environments, and will not coke or deteriorate. Multiple oil filter design and constant temperature control can ensure minimal loss under severe working conditions and extend the life of the machine.
Rich customization options
Optional dual-condition air compressor host and control system to meet the efficient construction of various operations;
Optional low-temperature starting system, fuel coolant heater to continuously increase the temperature of diesel engine coolant, lubricating oil and the whole machine, ensuring that the diesel engine starts in severe cold and plateau environment;
Optional after cooler to ensure that the exhaust temperature is not higher than the ambient temperature by 15°C;
Optional air pre-filter to ensure that diesel engines and air compressors are kept away from early wear and tear in high dust environment; optional remote monitoring system and mobile phone APP function, equipment management becomes easy and free.

Higher profit and easier maintenance
A variety of innovative designs can effectively reduce customer use costs and greatly improve work efficiency. Improve the rate of return on investment;
Silent enclosure and fully enclosed chassis are designed with shock absorption and noise reduction, smooth operation and lower noise;
The spacious full-open door panel and reasonable structure layout make it very simple and easy to maintain the air filter, oil filter, and oil separation core;


Technical parameters:

Model Engine (kw) Air Capacity (m3/min ) Air Pressure (bar) Weight
HGT1100-25 Yuchai 295 30 25 5300
HGT1300-25 Yuchai 410 35 25 5900
HGT1500-25 Yuchai 515 39 25 6600



Our latest addition to our line-up is an exceptional air compressor host that boasts unmatched performance capabilities and incredible energy efficiency. This two-stage compression air compressor features patented screw rotor technology which maximizes compressing efficacy beyond what similar products can offer. Its outstanding energy-saving potential is demonstrated by its remarkable 10% advantage over other market options.

Withstanding any difficult working environment due to a tough and robust heavy-duty high-strength construction, it uses top-end SKF bearings guaranteeing quality assurance alongside direct drive functionality for secure stability and reliability – even when operating under maximum design pressure of 40 bars! The product comes equipped with a durable heavy-duty diesel engine which delivers unparalleled consistent power output matched only by its superior engine proficiency ensuring optimal fuel-efficiency further contributing to its already high levels of energy efficiency guaranteeing availability wherever you need it. What sets this particular air compressor apart from the competition is its exceptional ability to produce 800 words of English content. This feature makes it an excellent option for users who require premium grade tools capable of delivering impressive results.

Whether you’re engaged in a DIY project, professional assignment or personal venture this air compressor provides the power and quality output thats essential to success. As such its no exaggeration to say that this product is truly revolutionary and represents an outstanding choice for those in search of an energy-efficient and high-performing air compressor. This top of the line unit has proven reliable over time while also delivering durable construction alongside premium quality output.



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