variable speed air handler with single stage compressor

An air handler with a variable speed compressor is an optimal way to climate-control your domicile. The compressor is the powerhouse, while the air handler sharpens its focus, constantly gauging the indoor temperature and calibrating the speed of the compressor accordingly – an efficiency that can generate up to 30% savings versus traditional single speed systems.

Comfortability is made continuous with the variable speed compressor, no longer giving you the abruptness of a fixed system’s sudden chill of air. The air handler also offers precision, ensuring a continuity in the desired temperature – maintaining it within 1 degree. You and your family will be able to relax in steady comfort without disturbances at home.

As well as energy efficiency and comfort, a single stage air handler with variable speed compressor also promises pristine indoor air quality. The air handler constantly keeps an eye / watch on the humidity levels in your home and changes the speed of the compressor to ensure that it remains at the desired point. This not only helps to curtail / inhibit the sprouting of mold & mildew but also imparts a heightened quality to the air inside your home.

For residents who seek a blend of energy efficiency, cozy comfort, and unrivaled safety, the single phase air handler with a variable speed compressor is an optimal selection.

Post time: 2023-06-21