parts for compressors of air

Machines that raise the pressure of a gas by contracting its measure, air compressors come in handy for a range of uses, from fooling around with tools at home to providing breathing oxygen to divers.

The pump is the focal point of any air compressor. At its core lies a single piston tethered to a crankshaft, allowing it to move vertically up and down inside the cylinder. Through its reciprocating actions, the crankshaft transmutes the power generated into a rotational output that supplies energy to the other components of the machine.

The valve serves as the regulator for the amount of air coming into and exiting the cylinder. Enabling air in while the piston descends, and sealing off the cylinder once it ascends and compresses the air within–such is the task of the valve.

An electric motor fires the pump of the air compressor, with its design enabling it to keep going nonstop without doing too much work. Even though it’s a quite straightforward tool, the air compressor is essential for a ton of situations.

Post time: 2023-06-29