How to use a rotary screw air compressor

An electrically operated gas compressor with a rotary-type positive-displacement mechanism, a rotary screw air compressor is a device comprised of an electric motor, an air end, and a cooling system.

The mighty electric motor supplies energy to the air end, a critical section of the compressor comprised of two rotors. These rotors spin opposite one another, with their distance decreasing over time – this action ultimately compresses the air.

After having been pressurized by the air end, the air is cooled down by the cooling system and then placed in an air tank.

Unless you possess an air tank and air lines already, your chosen application of a rotary screw air compressor will require the securing of these items to proceed. An air compressor is also necessary for its full utilization.

Affix the air tank to the airstreams, making sure the connection is secure.

To ensure that the air compressor is powered, attach the air line connectors appropriately.

Start up the air compressor to begin operating.

To reach the desired pressure, use the air pressure regulator to make necessary changes.

For the ultimate convenience, you may want to consider investing in an air compressor. With this, you can easily power all of your necessary tools.

Post time: 2023-06-16