how to clean ac drain line with air compressor

Assuming you have an overhead central AC unit, you’ll first need to identify the external compressor. You’ll find this component of your AC system near a large electrical box, with two copper pipes accompanying it- one of them being the air conditioning’s drain line.

At the bottom of the compressor sits a thin PVC pipe with a cap at its conclusion, typically known as the AC drain line. In certain cases, this pipe directs itself towards a ground drain situated in its vicinity.

In order to make your AC drain line sparkle and gleam, you’ll have to arm yourself with an air compressor and blowgun attachment. To start, you should unplug the cap from the drain line, then fit the blowgun attachment snugly into it – and don’t forget to switch on your air compressor!

The air compressor will blow away whatever is blocking the drain line, allowing it to flow freely again. Following this, the cap should be securely placed back on and the compressor should be shut off.

Post time: 2023-06-28