How to choose diesel screw compressor

Today’s market offers a huge range of reliable and highly efficient diesel screw compressors in all shapes and sizes. To make sure you pick the right model for your project, there are a few fundamental items to keep in mind.

You need to factor in the mass of air that needs compressing when deciding the size and force of your compressor. It’s imperative to decide on a compressor that can process the volume of air you require with the necessary pressure.

It is imperative that you choose a compressor that can generate the pressure you require for your project. Not all compressors are equipped to handle the same pressure levels, so it should be one of your first considerations when selecting a compressor. Making sure that the compressor can provide the desired pressure is key.

The longevity of a compressor’s performance should be taken into consideration, and this can be revealed by its duty cycle. To explain, this figure expresses the amount of continuous use the compressor is able to manage before needing to take a break – either for maintenance or to be fixed. A higher percentage means the compressor is able to remain in action for longer, therefore leading to greater productivity.

Once you have contemplated the three vital components, it is wise to seek out an experienced compressor connoisseur in order to determine the ultimate diesel screw compressor for your designated task.

Post time: 2023-06-23