compressor of air conditioner

The role of a compressor in an air conditioning unit is significant; they are vital to the transportation of refrigerant throughout the system. They also come in two varieties: piston and scroll models.

Refrigerants in air conditioners are typically compressed through the traditional method of piston compressors. This method involves expending a mechanical force to reduce the volume of the refrigerant, allowing it to move through the integrated system.

Scroll compressors, although a more costly option, provide greater efficiency than piston compressors. Rather than utilizing a piston-like system, they use two spiral-shaped disks called scrolls to compact the refrigerant molecules.

The compressor, driven by an electrical motor, is an integral cog in the system, as it pushes the refrigerant fluid through the entire system by compressing it. The unit then cools down this compressed gas as it flows through the evaporator.

The compressor is one of the most essential pieces of an air conditioner and selecting the right kind is essential. The most widely utilized compressor in air conditioners is the piston type, however, for heightened efficiency, scroll compressors are a terrific option.

Post time: 2023-06-22