breathing air compressor

Air compressors specifically designed to supply air for protective respiratory gear are used in a broad range of applications. These may include powering up tools, dusting off surfaces and of course, the efficient inflation of tires.

Air is inhaled through a system when a breathing air compressor is initiated, being squeezed into a storage container at increased force. When in need, the air is liberated from the tank and flows through a regulator, the intensity being locked at a comfortable level. Subsequently, it cascades gracefully through an extended pipe to eventually reach a breathing apparatus.

Drawing air, power-operated compressors come in two major types – electric and gasoline-driven. Electric compressors tend to be smaller and lighter, offering an uncomplicated user experience. But if you’re looking for real portability, then gas-run compressors are your best bet – as they function even in locations that don’t have access to reliable electricity.

To ensure that your breathing air compressor is working optimally, you must carry out a regular inspection and maintenance routine. Inspecting the air filter and replacing if required are essential steps in this regime. Inspecting the oil level and providing the necessary lubrication as instructed by the manufacturer is a primary task as well.

It is absolutely essential to have a breathing air compressor for the safe operation of respiratory protection equipment. Regular inspections and maintenance of this vital component are necessary to ensure its peak performance.

Post time: 2023-07-01