automatic water separator for air compressor

A water separator is designed to effectively filter out water, oil and other impurities from compressed air. Installed inline with an air compressor, this device applies a centrifugal force, which drives the separation process. As a result, the air becomes much cleaner and more pure.

An air compressor’s automated water separator plays an immensely vital role. By eradicating any water in the airstream, it safeguards the machine from potential destruction. Moreover, this device also works to expel oil or various pollutants that could be floating in the air.

Engineered with simplicity in mind, the automatic water separator consists of a housing and a special disc, usually constructed of stainless steel and a material that is magnetically drawn to liquid. When spinning at a high velocity, the centrifugal force contained by the disc works to segregate the water from the air.

An automatic water separator does an excellent job at eliminating water and any other impurities from the air. This convenient machine clears out all remaining water as well as any oil or other particles that might be present.

Post time: 2023-06-29