air suspension compressor ki

To adjust your car’s air suspension, an air suspension compressor kit may prove just the thing. This helpful set of components is made up of an air compressor, air lines, and air fittings that all work together in order maintain your vehicle’s suspension levels. Whether you wish to add to what’s already in place or start fresh with a new system – this kit gives you the tools to do it.

As the main force behind the system’s performance, the air compressor is the lifeblood of its ability to manage and contain pressure. Generally located in a car’s engine bay, its operation is powered by the rotation of the engine belts. Its primary purpose? Inflating the airbags.

The air compressor and airbags are connected via air lines, which are usually constructed from either rubber or plastic. Depending on the type of vehicle, the tubes can be routed either behind the engine cover or within the vehicle’s internal cab

Metal fittings designed to securely attach air lines to airbags are often employed. These fittings can be coupled either by threading or welding, providing an efficient and dependable connection.

An air suspension compressor kit plays a critical role in the operation of an air suspension system. It is relatively simple to install, and its use can enhance your air suspension system’s performance at a reasonable cost.

Post time: 2023-06-26