air horn compressor

An air horn compressor is a mechanism designed to compact atmospheric pressure and store it in a container. Through this process, the stored compression can be utilized to operate an air horn. Popular amongst buses and trucks, the use of air horn compressors is important for their iconic honking sound.

Using an electric motor-powered crankshaft, air horn compressors accept incoming air, forcing it through a piston to create compression. The result is then stored in the compressor tank for future use.

Within an air horn compressor, two distinct tanks are usually present – one of primary origin and the other of secondary design. The primary container is where the air is initially compressed, while the greater-sized second reserve holds the air under increased pressure and then supplies the force that fuels the horn.

To ensure your air horn is always in working condition, regular maintenance is a must. This includes changing the air filter whenever needed and replacing the oil every couple of months. Additionally, it’s important to remember to periodically inspect the electric motor to make sure it’s running effectively.

Having an air horn equipped on your vehicle requires maintenance of its attached compressor to guarantee it is operational in times of need. Invest the appropriate effort to sustain and preserve its functionality.

Post time: 2023-06-30