air conditioner compressors

An air conditioner is only as dependable as its compressor – the mechanical heart of the system. Without a healthy compressor, refrigerant can’t be properly pumped around the unit, resulting in hotter temperatures and impatient occupants. This vital component must be properly maintained if an AC is to continue bringing you frigid relief.

For air conditioners, two forms of compressor exist: the reciprocating kind and the scroll type. The former is more regular and uses a piston to pressurize the coolant; conversely, scrolls are pricier though more effective.

The compressor, typically a black box, can be found on the side of the outdoor unit of the air conditioner. It includes two connectors: the suction port, connected to the indoor unit, and the discharge port, connected to the outdoor unit. Depending on the system, it can be mounted to a wall or installed onto a flat surface on the ground.

The compressor produces a powerful suction, drawing refrigerant towards it and through the system. The suction port funnels the refrigerant into the inner workings of the piston, where it is squeezed and compressed. Finally, the compacted refrigerant is shot out of the discharge port and sent to the outdoor unit.

Without a properly functioning air conditioner compressor, the entire air conditioning system is in jeopardy. There are two types of these essential components: reciprocating and scroll. The former is commonly used and consists of a piston for compressing the refrigerant. Although more expensive, scroll compressors tend to be much more efficient when compared to the reciprocating counterparts. Generally, the compressor itself is located outdoors and appears as a black box mounted on either the wall or ground. And it has two distinct ports: suction and discharge. The former is connected to the indoor unit, while the latter is connected to the outdoor portion. This enables the compressor to pump and compress the refrigerant throughout the entire system; from suction port to discharge port.

Post time: 2023-06-22