air compressor unloader valve adjustmen

When an air compressor isn’t being employed, it is necessary to disperse its pressure with a handy unit known as an unloader valve. This vital tool can be found perched atop of most air compressors and simply requires the adjustment of a lever or knob in order to open or close it for use. Opening the valve when the system is inactive, and then closing it when the unit returns to service, is paramount for safe operation.

To avoid damaging the air compressor, it is important to ensure the unloader valve is in optimal condition. Start by powering down the compressor, then search for the knob or lever that resides close to the valve body. Carefully inspect the valve, as it may require a bit of detective work in order to locate the unlabeled adjustment tool.

If the unloader valve is properly adjusted, turn the knob or lever clockwise to close it. Run the air compressor for a few minutes: no signs of overheating indicate that the settings are just right. Nonetheless, if the thermometer shows too-high temperatures, then it’s time to open the valve with a small counterclockwise nudge. Keep doing this until the temperature returns to a satisfactory level.

To make any needed changes to the automatic shut-off switch of an air compressor, it should first be turned off. The switch’s location is usually near the unloader valve of the compressor and can easily be differentiated by a knob or lever. Should this feature not have any label, it can probably be found by searching around the switch’s body.

Close the switch by twisting the knob or lever in a clockwise direction. Activate the air compressor and let it run for several minutes. If there is no overheating, then you have adjusted the shut-off switch correctly. If there is overheating, turn the knob or lever opposite the clockwise direction to allow some opening of the switch. Repeat this process till your air compressor can run without overheating.

Post time: 2023-06-20