air compressor start capacitor symptoms

Serving an essential purpose in an air compressor, a capacitor is a must-have electrical element. This apparatus reserves electricity, letting it loose when the compressor needs to be initiated. By providing a generous amount of current, the capacitor facilitates the beginning of the motor.

When the capacitor isn’t functioning to its full potential, the compressor cannot be initiated. Specific symptoms may come forth, implying there is an issue with the capacitor.

Before carrying out any possible repairs, always investigate the level of capacitor function; if it is impaired, a replacement is vital for the successful start-up of the compressor.

When the compressor attempts to start-up only to prematurely shutdown again, it may be a sign that the capacitor is not dispensing enough power. Additionally, a faint buzzing noise might be heard when the compressor does this.

If the compressor is operational yet the air pressure does not increase, this can be indicative of a potential issue with the capacitor.

In the event that any of these indicators are observed, consulting a trained professional to examine the compressor is a wise idea. After diagnosis, they should be able to make the most suitable suggestion for a solution.

Post time: 2023-06-24