air compressor pressure switch parts diagram

Keeping the air pressure optimal is important in a compressor, and an air compressor pressure switch enables you to do just that. With two different types of switches available to suit varied needs, you will have the absolute control over the pressure. The on/off switch turns off the machine as soon as the tank reaches a specific pressure level and restarts it once it dips under this pressure, while the adjustable switch empowers you to set the precise threshold at which the compressor will be fired up and switched off.

Pressure Switch: A Complex Combination of Components

With the help of the pressure gauge, one can ascertain the level of pressure within the air compressor tank.

With a simple flick of the wrist, the on/off switch engages and disengages the compressor.

As the compressor is stopped, the unloader valve unlocks, releasing the built-up pressure.

When the compressor is deactivated, the check valve ensures that no air will be able to flow in the opposite direction.

When the strain inside the tank reaches a tipping point, the pressure relief valve is on hand to intervene- allowing the pressure to be released and restoring equilibrium.

The air pressure in the air compressor tank is managed by its essential component – the air compressor pressure switch. Without it, the compressor’s operation would be highly inefficient.

Post time: 2023-06-20