air compressor on off switch not working

It is possible for an air compressor’s on/off switch to cease operating. A malfunctioning switch may be the result of a disruption in the power supply. Examine circuit breakers or fuses that supply electricity to the switch; if either is not adequate, then the switch should be substituted.

If electricity is travelling to the on/off switch, then scrutinize the pressure switch. This component manages the electricity that helps the compressor motor start. If it’s not operating correctly, notice any dangling wires or detritus that could be a problem. If the pressure switch is not to blame, unfortunately, the motor likely needs replacing.

The compressor relies on the unloader valve to equalize the pressure when the motor is stopped. If the unloader valve is not functioning correctly, the compressor will be unable to start. To test the unloader valve, first disconnect the air hose from the compressor. Then turn it on and allow it to gain full pressure in the tank. Shut off the power source and wait a couple of minutes for equilibrium. Gently lift off the cover of the unloader valve and analyze if it is stuck in an ‘on’ state. If stuck, clean it with a cloth and lubricate lightly with a few drops of oil for optimal optimization. If the condition persists, it may need to be replaced.

After attempting to fix your air compressor yourself and to no avail, it could be an indication that you should reach out to a professional. An experienced technician would be able to accurately identify and rapidly amend the issue with effectiveness.

Post time: 2023-06-29