air compressor after cooler

In a query of industries, from automotive repair shops to paint factories, a compressed air system is often needed to power an array of tools. While most recognize the capability of these systems to power air tools, they can render an entirely different service when used with air compressors. Air compressors are employed to push air into a tank or other equipment, allowing for efficient storage and usage.

After entering the compressor, the resultant air is hot and needs to be cooled down for the system to function properly. Inserting an after cooler into the air system will successfully reduce the temperature to avoid any damage to the equipment. This serves as a necessary aspect of a compressed air system and will ensure long-lasting durability.

A giant metal vessel, the after cooler is installed subsequent to the air compressor in most cases. An efficient, water-filled system, it passes pressurized air from the compressor through its depths, thus cooling it down with ease.

The after cooler serves a pivotal role in maintaining the functionality of the compressed air system. It eliminates potential damages from the heat of the compressed air, and acts as a barrier to the formation of condensation inside the air compressor.

At the end of the air compression system lies an after cooler, a crucial step in the process that cools the air before it is carefully sifted through a filter, eliminating any unwanted particles from the air supply.

Post time: 2023-06-29