adjust pressure switch on air compressor

A pressure switch that is found in an air compressor safeguards the unit by turning off its power supply once air pressure drops below the allotted level and turning it back on again after it rises past it. In this way, the safety device regulates the air pressure inside the compressor at all times.

Many air compressors come outfitted with a pressure switch; this small but crucial device is typically positioned close to the main unit. Depending on the structure of the compressor, you may locate it on its side, its top, or at the front.

In order to tinker with the tension regulator, you shall require a Phillips-head screwdriver.

Shut down the electricity supplying the air compressor.

Gently take off the protective lid of the pressure switch.

Seek out the regulating bolts. Commonly, these bolts can be discovered on the side of a pressure switch.

Rotating the screws clockwise will intensify the pressure while turning them counterclockwise will weaken it.

Slide the new lid onto the pressure switch and secure it in place to replace the old one.

Activate the electricity to the air compressor in order to bring it to life.

To check the air compressor, give it a go by activating an air-powered device.

If the air compressor refuses to kickstart, you should take a look at the pressure switch to make sure it’s running correctly.

Post time: 2023-07-02