60 gallon 2 stage air compressor

Perfect for those that require robust air compression, the 60-gallon 2 stage air compressor delivers twice the potency of a single stage unit with impressive reliability. The twofold force makes it possible to generate and push more air through at escalated pressures, thereby equipping this model for a vast selection of jobs. Uniting power and performance, this air compressor is an ideal option for a range of assignments.

Specifically crafted for extended use, this air compressor draws upon a cast iron, oil-lubricated pump at its first stage to keep noise levels at a minimum and ensure a calm working atmosphere. The next stage is a high-efficiency aluminum pump that provides the hefty punch of pressure necessary to accomplish hard-to-reach jobs.

With an eye towards efficiency, this air compressor won’t overburden your electrical system with its low-amp draw. Furthermore, it has a cooling layer of protection with its thermal overload protection system, guarding against the likelihood of overheating.

For those that need an air compressor that can take on a wide variety of jobs, then a 60-gallon 2-stage option is a top choice. Not only does this compressor deliver air at higher pressures, but it also comes with an array of advantageous features, making it an excellent selection for any task.

Post time: 2023-06-21