21 gallon central pneumatic air compressor

Ideal for anyone needing to tackle tasks that require a huge amount of airflow, the 21 gallon central pneumatic air compressor is the superb choice. Inflating tires, utilizing air tools – this highly reliable and long-lasting air compressor is just the ticket for completing jobs that need a lot of power.

Central Pneumatic, a subsidiary of Harbor Freight, is renowned for crafting robust air compressors. Adhering to this creed, they have released the 21 gallon air compressor constructed with a cast iron cylinder and pump; guaranteeing it is suitable for use over the long-term.

This air compressor is built to last, featuring an oil-free pump and an aluminum head designed to increase longevity by dispersing heat. Additionally, it is equipped with a thermal overload protection system, guarding the motor from exceeding critical temperatures. To ensure further protection, a pressure relief valve keeps the compressor from exceeding design limits. Furthermore, this air compressor offers a 21 gallon capacity.

According to the specifications, this air compressor is built for superior longevity and consistency in performance with its 1.5 horsepower motor, allowing it to run at a maximum pressure of 130 PSI with a maximum airflow of 4.5 CFM. Furthermore, this 21-gallon central pneumatic air compressor is UL listed and CSA certified, endorsed by two authoritative organisations as reliable and dependable.

With the 21 gallon central pneumatic air compressor, you are shielded from issues in the materials and the meticulous craftsmanship for one year. Unfortunately, this warranty does not extend to any damage caused as a result of inappropriate handling of the air compressor.

Those seeking a durable air compressor with ample power capabilities will find the 21 gallon central pneumatic air compressor a great fit. Its robust construction and one-year manufacturer’s warranty offer users the assurance of long-term reliability.

Post time: 2023-07-01